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Introducing Albatroz Engineering

Albatroz Engineering is a private company dedicated to Research, Development and Innovation of technical solutions for its clients in the fields of robotics, aeronautics, software, mechanical and electrical engineering.

The company is based in Lisbon, Portugal and started its activities in March 2006.

Albatroz Engineering created two innovative solutions for overhead power line inspections with integrated, interactive and real-time tools to improve quality of service while minimising maintenance costs.

Its flagship product, Power Line Maintenance Inspection [PLMI] has been developed in three variants, two of which are already flying in Portugal, Spain and France. Its cost-effective LiDAR solution for vegetation management ("right-of-way") was used to inspect more than 48.000km in 2012, making it the world leader in extension surveyed in one year and accumulated more than 125.000km since November 2007.

Other prototypes or products include a railway inspection tool, a 3D modelling system for archaeology or virtual scenarios and a Laser Measurement Tool [LMT].

Geographic area of operation

The Albatroz Engineering looks to the world market as an horizon of customers, partners and suppliers.

Key Competencies


Albatroz Engineering was formed around the Robotics competencies of its founders. One holds an MSc and the other holds a PhD degree in robotics, with specialisation in signal processing and mobile robots.

They worked together in these fields, developing algorithms and platforms for autonomous robots exploration in both structured and unstructured environments. These skills were put to service to their clients, both in the power line inspection and the three-dimensional reconstruction businesses.


Albatroz Engineering works closely with aircraft operators and maintenance entities to develop solutions that can be installed and integrated seamlessly with helicopters and small fixed wing aeroplanes. In the aviation field, developing the technology is the first step. The solutions developed by Albatroz Engineering are only complete once they have been certified by a competent aviation authority such as EASA. With technically sound engineers working together with a qualified and experienced certification consulting firm, Albatroz Engineering is a complete aircraft grade project developer.

In addition to helicopters and fixed wing aeroplanes, Albatroz Engineering is also involved in developing solutions for UAVs whether they be fixed wing, helicopters or even blimps.


Albatroz Engineering has the background and knowledge to develop quality software in the fields of signal processing, database management, hardware integration and user interfaces. Emphasis is placed on customization, in order to meet specific client requirements. As a result, each software solution is unique requiring client involvement throughout every stage of development.


With two team members specialized in Mechanical Engineering, Albatroz Engineering can provide solutions integrating quality mechanical systems and components. One example is a recently developed 3D reconstruction system using moving platforms, which can reconstruct sceneries, heritage sites and other large scale objects of interest while travelling through the site or around the object of interest.


Albatroz Engineering has substantial experience in the electrical utility field, specifically in power line inspection methods, techniques and challenges. By working closely with the inspection crews  and understanding the difficulties in airborne and terrestrial inspections, Albatroz Engineering has the background to offer a wide variety of maintenance inspection solutions. Generally, these solutions integrate several different technologies and provide customized software to manage and visualize several different data streams simultaneously in real time.

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