Albatroz Engineering aims to establish itself as a network of research units working for their clients, spread across various countries and fields of expertise, that work together to reinforce their competencies and link with local societies to learn and assess market needs and deliver optimal tailored solutions.

Albatroz Engineering began its product development in Portugal in 2006. The first unit entered the market in Portugal in November 2007. In 2008 the company proceeded to Spain and in 2009 expanded its range to Canada and the United States of America through software licensing. In 2011 it extended its operation to France.



Portugal is Albatroz Engineering home market.

LABELEC is a company of EDP group devoted to laboratory test procedures, asset life evaluation and power line inspections among other duties. It has been using Power Line Maintenance Inspection since 2007.

In 2011, Albatroz Engineering started a R&D with REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, the Transmission System Operator [TSO] in Portugal on the field of probabilistic asset management.


Albatroz Engineering was awarded the development of a custom fit solution for Applus, an important quality control services company in Spain. It is based on some modules of Power Line Maintenance Inspection with improvements on sensors and information handling.



Canada and United States of America

In 2009 Albatroz Engineering signed a licensing and joint development agreement with GeoDigital Inc, for the adaptation of Power Line Maintenance Inspection algorithms to GeoDigital's TCOR system.


In 2011, PLMI was introduced in France by Air Touraine, a helicopter company specialised in medium voltage overhead line inspection.