E, afora este mudar-se cada dia,
Outra mudança faz de mor espanto:
Que não se muda já como soía.*

Luís de Camões, séc. XVI


Albatroz Engineering aims to establish itself as a network of research units working for their clients, spread across various countries and fields of expertise, that work together to reinforce their competencies and link with local societies to learn and assess market needs and deliver optimal tailored solutions.

Albatroz Engineering believes that only in this way can provide the optimal solution designed to suit each client.


Albatroz Engineering deploys research and development activities in response to its clients' needs in the fields of robotics engineering, signal processing and related fields.





* And beyond every day change
Other change causes greater astonishment
That change no longer happens like it used to.

Luís de Camões, XVIth century



Innovative solutions are a key leverage factor for our clients' competitiveness. Innovation is not always the creation of something new. Often, it concerns the application of existing solutions in new and creative ways.

Design for value/cost

Albatroz Engineering believes that the optimal solution for a given problem is usually not the best technical solution nor the cheapest workaround; instead it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and the exact optimal point must be determined for each client. Serving two clients with (seemingly!) the same needs, usually leads to different optimal solutions.


Albatroz Engineering activities are project-oriented working in close co-operation with its clients, through every phase of each project. Albatroz Engineering's presence is evident through the interaction of its representatives with its clients. If possible, Albatroz crew members will participate in its client's activities pertinent to a project so as to learn and thoroughly understand the intricacies of the situation at hand. 

This emphasis and hands on approach to understanding allows a more accurate assessment of the clients concerns and how to optimally incorporate the solution in existing operational procedures. 

Clients are briefed on project progress including third-party reviews and audits.

Connecting people, businesses, knowledge

Albatroz Engineering has established itself as a bridge between universities, research centres and industry. It promotes internships and co-operation with schools as well as long-term partnerships with industry leaders (suppliers, peers and clients).

Code of Ethics

Although only some engineers at Albatroz Engineering are members of IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the company follows its code of ethics, which is suitable to the activities of Albatroz Engineering and praised for its rigour, clarity and concision.