Spontaneous applications

Even when there are no open positions matching your profile and experience, Albatroz Engineering always appreciates motivated professionals.

If you feel comfortable with Albatroz Engineering's culture and you would like to be part of our team, send us your curriculum vitæ (CV) or resume to: jobapplication[at]albatroz.engineering

Whenever a suitable position opens, Albatroz Engineering will contact you.

In case you have any doubts about how to present yourself and write a curriculum vitæ (CV), also known asresume, take advantage of these external references:

European Curriculum Vitæ Model

At Europass site you'll find an English CV template that brings all curricula presented by EU citizens to a common format. Templates for other languages - more than twenty! - are also available.

Wikibooks: Preparing for an Employment Interview

This text covers what to do from the moment you're interested in a position to the first interview. Resumes and related documents are the core of the text.

RPI: Resumes

A thorough text from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Connecticut, USA) on how to write a good resume (CV).

To know more about the company

Missions and values

Summary of guidelines and culture of Albatroz Engineering.


List of clients and markets they operate in.

Corporate culture

What is expected from members of Albatroz Engineering's team.

How (not) to apply for a company (in Portuguese)

reflections by João Gomes Mota, administrator of Albatroz Engineering.