Location of office in


Rua Maria, 53, 1º Esq
P-1170-210 LISBOA

Location description

The office is located in the city centre, 1200 meters from the traditional downtown district ("Baixa" and "Chiado") and 1300m away from the Castle. It is within walking distance from Avenida Almirante Reis, one of the main avenues that shapes the city in the North-South direction along ancient water lines.

How to get there

Public transportation

Public transportation is the simplest way to reach the Lisbon Office. There are numerous possibilities.

  • Subway stations are marked with logo_metro . There are two subway stations along the Green line that serve the office: Intendente and Anjos (see the subway map below). The closest subway exit is the North exit at Intendente which is about 290m from the office while the South Entrance to Anjos is 400m away.
  • There are also buses stopping nearby: 34 (from "Baixa"), 12 (from the train station Santa Apolónia), 726 (crossing the business district before passing nearby) and 30. The wider map shows all the nearest stops for every bus.
  • The 28 streetcar stops at Rua Maria at about 40 metres from the office entrance. For those who wish to enjoy the city we recommend the 28 streetcar. In the map the streetcar ("eléctrico" in Portuguese is identified as 28E to avoid confusion with the bus).

Bus and streetcar are operated by "Carris" thus the tickets are the same. Most tickets valid to the subway ("Metro") and the suburban trains ("CP") are also valid to "Carris".


By car

The map on the right shows the streets around the office with one way roads leading to the office with blue arrows. Parking on the street is free and scarce. There is a public park (closing at 21:00) marked with the logo_parque symbol in the wider map. An alternative is to use a cab (taxi).

The Office is marked in blue at the intersection of Rua Maria with Rua Antónia Andrade. The thin grey line represents the streetcar rails. The white building is the Igreja dos Anjos, a church visible from Avenida Almirante Reis.


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N38º 43' 26,7" W9º 7' 59.7"



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Outdoor view of the office