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  • July 2017 – Newsletter

    July 2017 – Newsletter

    June - July 2017   Highlights: Central article: CIRED 2017    Forest Management in COHiTEC ERIAC XVII Portugal Air Summit    Read more from newsletter june-july2017 To receive the full version of our newsletter, please contact us through the e-mail: Read More »
  • May 2017 – Newsletter

    May 2017 – Newsletter

    March - May 2017  Highlights: Design Organisation Approval - Albatroz Engenharia in present and  future Aerospace Week Lisboa Robotics Mini Marathon Vodafone 2017   Read more from newsletter May 2017 To receive the full version of our newsletter, please contact us… Continue reading →Read More »
  • February 2017 – Newsletter

    February 2017 – Newsletter

    January - February 2017 Highlights: Lessons learned on the use of DRONES for overhead line inspection SINFO 24th  - Information Technology Week  Image processing Internship  Unmanned flight regulation established in Portugal   Read more from newsletter Fevereiro 2017 To receive the full version… Continue reading →Read More »


  • September 2015 – Newsletter

    September 2015 – Newsletter

    July - September 2015   Highlights: Improving vegetation management New internship @ Albatroz Engineering Improving small systems: New ABZ Trax system Now available: aeronautical equipment rental     Read more from September 2015 Newsletter .   To receive the full version of our… Continue reading →Read More »
  • June 2015 – Newsletter

    June 2015 – Newsletter

    May - June 2015   Highlights: Albatroz Engineering @ CIRED 2015 in Lyons Encuentro Regional Iberoamericano de CIGRE [ERIAC] - Meeting of the Iberian-American Region of CIGRÉ in Argentina    - Implementing alternatives to line inspection by helicopter    - Multi-layer visualization and… Continue reading →Read More »
  • Abril 2015 – Newsletter

    Abril 2015 – Newsletter

    March - April 2015   Highlights: Small Systems to take Power Line Maintenance Inspection to all grids Albatroz Engineering @ IT4Energy 2015 symposium Re-sag on transmission lines with PLMI New domain and new website!         Read more from… Continue reading →Read More »
  • February 2015 – Newsletter

    February 2015 – Newsletter

    January - February 2015   Highlights: Introducing full wavelength LiDAR, survey GPS/AHRS in PLMI 3.0 Eyewitnesses to everyday life CIRED 2015  250000 km and counting ...             Read more from February 2015 newsletter.Read More »


  • December 2016-Newsletter

    December 2016-Newsletter

    September- December 2016   Highlights: Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) Raising airworthiness awareness for drones Riegl LMS-Q240i vs Riegl VUX-1 European Researchers' Night   Read more from newsletter of December 2016  To receive the full version of our newsletter, please contact us… Continue reading →Read More »
  • August 2016-Newsletter

    August 2016-Newsletter

    July - August 2016   Highlights: Albatroz Engenharia at CIGRÉ 2016 Internship on Unmanned Aerial Systems Operation OHLEx2016 - Working at Heights of Sa 10 Years of Innovation  Read more from newsletter of August 2016    To receive the full version of our newsletter, please contact us… Continue reading →Read More »
  • Jun 2016-Newsletter

    Jun 2016-Newsletter

    April - Jun 2016   Highlights: 10 Years in Pictures  OHLEx2016 - Working at the hights of safety Seminar participation The Portuguese Industry Day at NSPA Days   Read more from  Jun 2016 newsletter    To receive the full version of our newsletter,… Continue reading →Read More »
  • March 2016 Newsletter

    March 2016 Newsletter

    January - March 2016   Highlights: Small systems for heritage and cityscaping Simulating real life @ Albatroz Engineering Fair & Events V edition of MecanIST     Read more from March 2016 Newsletter .   To receive the full version of our newsletter,… Continue reading →Read More »


  • December 2013 – Newsletter

    December 2013 – Newsletter

    November - December 2013   Highlight: Project Chaplin "High Power Transmission Line Cable Inspection" Presentation at IEE UBI Student Branch The 2013 Internship season More than 56.000 km inspected in 2013           Read more from December 2013 newsletter.Read More »
  • October 2013 – Newsletter

    October 2013 – Newsletter

    August - October 2013   Highlight: Grid Intelligence & Optimisation International Conference on Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring Portuguese-French Trophies Summer Internships at Albatroz Engineering           Read more from October 2013 newsletter.Read More »
  • July 2013 – Newsletter

    July 2013 – Newsletter

    June-July 2013 Highlights: From images to Information           The use of video to detect automatically assets and stork nests Albatroz Engineering at the 55th Aeronautical Salon, Paris Albatroz Engineering presence at CIRED exhibition Albatroz Engineering at VISUM Summer School  … Continue reading →Read More »
  • May 2013 – Newsletter

    May 2013 – Newsletter

    April-May 2013   Highlights: All seasons' inspections 2013 CIGRÉ Lisbon Symposium on Smart Grids Stork nest detection at ConfTele 2013 and new stork nest detection module           Read more of May 2013 newsletter.Read More »
  • Março 2013 – Newsletter

    Março 2013 – Newsletter

    January - March 2014   Highlight: Quality assessment in power line maintenance inspection [PLMI] Exhibitions CHAPLIN Project With 125000km experience on LiDAR inspection ...         Read more from March 2014 newsletter.Read More »


  • December 2014 – Newsletter

    December 2014 – Newsletter

    September - December 2014   Highlights: R&D, Education collaborations Safe flight envelope for OHL inspection at CARPI 2014 Computer Science internship  Annual Seminar of WAVEC 2014 - Fostering the transatlantic growth of marine renewables            Read more… Continue reading →Read More »
  • August 2014 – Newsletter

    August 2014 – Newsletter

    July - August 2014   Highlights: Albatroz Engineering @ CIGRÉ 2014, Paris Sharing the transmission grid with storks and other birds Predictive modeling of overhead lines reliability and lifetime            Read more from August 2014 newsletter.Read More »
  • June 2014 – Newsletter

    June 2014 – Newsletter

    May - June 2014   Highlight: On airborne inspections: aircraft and crews VISUM Summer school A distributed platform for the volunteer execution of workflows on a local area network             Read more from June 2014 newsletter.Read More »
  • April 2014 – Newsletter

    April 2014 – Newsletter

    March - April 2014   Highlight: Principles of overhead line inspection International Conference on Innovation for Secure and Efficient Transmission Grids - CIGRÉ Belgium, 2014 VII SPEA Ornithology congress PLMI Automatic road detection           Read more from April 2014… Continue reading →Read More »
  • February 2014 – Newsletter

    February 2014 – Newsletter

    January - February 2014   Highlight: Design Organisation Approval       Albatroz Engineering gets Design Organisation Approval DOA EASA 21J.400 Marketing internship at Albatroz Engineering Session 45 of CIGRÉ in Paris, 24th to 29th  August 2014 Albatroz Engineering completes eight… Continue reading →Read More »


  • December 2011 – Newsletter

    December 2011 – Newsletter

    October - December 2011   Highlights Learning about our neighbours: the storks ERIAC, CIGRE’s Iberian-American Region Meeting Summary of education & internship activities New office in Lisbon   Read more from December 2011 newsletter.  Read More »


  • June 2012 – Newsletter

    June 2012 – Newsletter

    April - June 2012 Highlights: Graded classification of Points of Interest Qumrum Business Group and Albatroz Engineering sign representation agreement in Oman Albatroz Engineering performs first railway assignment International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, EEEIC2012   Read more from June… Continue reading →Read More »
  • February 2012 – Newsletter

    February 2012 – Newsletter

    January - March 2012   Highlights: Geometry in Motion LiDAR modeling beyond Power Line Maintenance Inspection More than 32000km inspected in 2011 PLMI operates under cold weather Upgrade in computation and network infrastructure     Read more from March 2012 newsletter.Read More »

Issues out of series

September, October 2008

Participation on CIGRÉ Canada Conference 2008

The technology behind the modeling of the Roman Galleries in Lisbon

Next Generation Utilities Europe in Évian, France


July 2008

Maps, databases and time: building a geographic information system step-by-step

Lessons learned after 5.000 km: fog and hail are worse than rain

August 2008

Optimisation tools and strategies of existent grids

Albatroz Engenharia at the CIGRÉ2008 Technical Exhibition

May 2008

Load Capacity maximization using line inspection

Reconstruction at the Machado de Castro Museum

Albatroz Engineering at CIGRE2008

June 2008

Analysing 2 months of regular work in Portugal

Lessons learned after 4.000 km

March 2008

Precision and consistency in Track Clearance, Part I - Distance measurement precision

Innovation Marketplace in Lisbon: civil engineering solutions and 3D modelling

T&D Europe 2008: Power Line Inspection Tools in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

April 2008

Inspection Interface: optimizing the Inspector's work.

Inspection data integration with Geographical Information Systems.

January 2008

PLMI: 1.346 km of overhead transmission lines inspected in 15 days.

Economic benefits of maintenance inspection in distribution grids, the portuguese case.

February 2008

Line Inspection: a range of integrated solutions for inspecting power lines on foot, in a 4x4, by helicopter.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of St. Domingos church in Lisbon.

Visit us at TD Europe 2008 Amsterdam, 11-13 March.

Saint Dominic Church , January 2008 [PT]

About the St. Dominic church in Lisbon.