Products and Solutions

Albatroz Engineering works closely with its clients to provide innovative and cost effective solutions by investing in leading edge technologies and in a highly trained and motivated engineering team. By committing itself to rigorous R&D principles and activities and to understanding the needs of its clients, Albatroz Engineering develops targeted solutions. These may be built upon existing products or require the creation of a new product. Existing products and solutions may be proposed to the clients in the form of services performed by Albatroz Engineering' team.

Albatroz Engineering specialised in tow fields:

1. Over-head power lines


The founders of Albatroz Engineering have been working with over head power lines since 2004while the company started in 2006. They are familiar with the many issues affecting over-head networks around the world. This insight enables the company to offer solutions for operation and maintenance of power-lines that fit the needs of individual clients.

The Power Line Maintenance Inspection [PLMI] is the company's flagship solution. It is used for over-head line inspection from manned helicopters. PLMI has been declined into three variants to meet three different operation scenarios and it is used from rural medium voltage grids (≥10kV) to large transmission grids across regions or countries (500kV). Its two main hardware components are the Airborne Digital Recording System [ADRS] and the Airborne LiDAR [ASLMS].

The Ground Maintenance Inspection [GMI] has been developed for the cases where power lines should be inspected from the ground.

GMI was designed to keep the features of PLMI, minimising the shortcomings of the inferior inspection location and taking advantage of it, whenever possible. Both solutions share the same information architecture and applications and it is possible for a utility to operate both solutions simultaneously, combining results, analyses and outputs in a common system.

Grid Intelligence & Optimisation

As a result of the knowledge acquired through years of power line inspections, the extension to reliability assessment of power lines and remaining lifetime estimation came as a natural evolution.

A Unified Status Evaluation for Reliability assessment paradigm has been established and the outputs of inspection are combined with grid dispatch data, planning, maintenance and asset information are combined to determine the current condition of over-head power lines and optimise its exploitation for the near to mid-term future.

Both areas, Inspection and Grid Intelligence & Optimisation concur to a common goal:

Know all your lines, all the time!


Airworthiness certification

Albatroz Engineering is involved in the technical and safety procedures to certify the airworhtiness of its airborne products with the European Aviation Safety Agency [EASA].

Learn more at the airborne products page:

Power Line Maintenance Inspection [PLMI]







Ground Maintenance Inspection [GMI]








Airborne LiDAR [ASLMS]








Airborne Digital Recording System [ADRS]








Grid Intelligence & Optimisation







2. Three-dimension modeling or reconstruction

Taking advantage of its expertise in 3D laser acquisition and processing, Albatroz Engineering developed a suite of products and solutions to address the needs of multiple industries that need to model features of different dimensions (from one metre to hundreds of metres), different precision requirements and different acquisition methods.

All these solutions are proposed under the general name of Geometry In Motion [GIM] as they are designed from the same principles.

Two of the main areas of experience is the modeling of virtual heritage and models acquired from cars rolling on the road.

A simple Laser Measurement Tool [LMT] has been developed for static measurements and floor plan design. Later, this tool was developed to create a 3D scanner device for local acquisition and modeling.

3D Scanner

















Laser Measurement Tool [LMT]







Virtual Heritage







Geometry and Image in Movement