Ground Maintenance Inspection


The Ground Maintenance Inspection [GMI] system is an innovative, cost-effective approach to overhead power line (medium to very high voltage) inspections.

The inspection data can be visualized and verified through the user interface in real time. Once the inspection routine is complete, the system can generate a report that can be sent to maintenance teams. Finally, the inspection data can be uploaded to maintenance, asset and Geographic Information System databases.

The GMI solution can accommodate sensors already used in line inspections such as thermographic cameras. The user interface can be customized to address the specific needs of inspection crews.

The GMI equipment is simple and immediate to use. Once the GMI system is installed on the roof of a vehicle using the supplied mounting accessories, the inspection crew can perform multiple inspections and register all relevant occurrences while following the line at low speeds.

The basic system features:

  • Automatic track clearance inspection software with obstacle detection including vegetation and human-made structures.
  • Image recording with anomaly classification
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Data integration with databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


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Interface inside the vehicle.



3D model generated from the ground.