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Albatroz Engineering promotes teamwork and establishes partnership with various institutions, suppliers, peers and clients. Based on this model, each member of a project team is not only responsible for individual tasks but is also invited to participate in the discussion and evaluation of work developed by other members of the same team. Therefore, Albatroz Engineering is looking for people with strong technical skills in their field of expertise in addition to:

  • a teamwork mindset
  • the capacity for critical analysis and discussion
  • autonomous decision-making and reasoning
  • a result driven mindset

The solutions offered by Albatroz Engineering are designed according to the necessities of each individual client. To identify, understand and propose the best solutions to clients, the members of Albatroz Engineering should be:

  • motivated to establish strong relationships with clients
  • able to evaluate issues from the clients' point of view
  • willing to integrate client teams

Albatroz Engineering provides solutions "business to business" (B2B) in the international market and benchmarks its competitiveness against the most technical advanced solutions and organizations around the world, in every field. Given its policy of proximity, solutions are tailored to each individual client, which requires from each member of Albatroz Engineering:

  • availability to travel
  • competence in multiple languages
  • flexibility and ability to adapt to different people and cultures

Albatroz Engineering is engaged in research, development and innovation. In this business, the urge for skill development and upgrade - on technical as well as behavioural and organisational skills - is unrelenting. Thus, members of Albatroz Engineering should be committed to:

  • education and training throughout their professional career
  • skill qualification and certification
  • long term work contracts

Albatroz Engineering aspires to become a leading company in its fields of activity, being a hallmark of quality and international competence while establishing a coveted working environment. To reach this goal, it promotes a culture featuring:

  • performance evaluation
  • equal-opportunities and merit reward
  • job flexibility
  • revenue sharing

What you can do

Thus, if you appreciate our way of thinking and you're interested in our fields of expertise feel free to:

Visit open positions

Analyse the open positions and send us a detailed CV and motivation letter if you feel your skills match the required competencies.

Send a proposal

If there are no open positions that fit your skills and competencies at this time and you believe that your talents would be of interest to Albatroz Engineering, send us a brief description of how you can be an asset to the Albatroz Engineering team along with a detailed CV. You will be contacted the moment a suitable opportunity arises.

Check education, R&D partnerships

Following its mission, Albatroz Engineering has set up contacts with engineering schools and R&D institutes in order to establish joint internships and education projects. Internships generally occur during the summer months (May-September) whereas final year projects tend to start at the beginning to the academic year (September).


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